February 2017

Giving a talk at the High-throughput X-ray Astronomy in the eXTP era meeting in Rome.

May 2017

Co-organizing the Python in Astronomy 2017 workshop at the Lorentz Center in Leiden.

June 2017

Attending EWASS 2017 in Prague, and co-organizing a special session on astronomy research software and a hack day.


January 2017

Gave a dissertation talk at in the black holes session and co-organized Hack Together Day at AAS 229 in Grapevine, TX (slides online here).
Gave seminars at KITP in Santa Barbara, CA and at Harvard/CfA and MIT in Boston, MA. My slides are on speakerdeck.

November 2016

Gave a pizza talk at my institute about my recently accepted paper from my MSc research! The slides are online here.

October 2016

The paper from my MSc research is accepted for publication in ApJ! Brief blog post here.
Attended the INTEGRAL conference in Amsterdam.

June 2016

Paper on thermonuclear burst oscillation simulations from my MSc research submitted to ApJ and posted to the arXiv!
Gave a seminar at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

May 2016

Paper on a new spectral-timing technique for phase-resolved spectroscopy of black hole QPOs was accepted for publication in MNRAS!
Gave a talk at the Nederlandse Astronomenclub (NAC) annual meeting in Nunspeet, the Netherlands. My slides are on SpeakerDeck.

April 2016

Gave a talk in the Stellar Compact 1 session at the AAS HEAD (High Energy Astrophysics Division) meeting in Naples, FL.

March 2016

Python in Astronomy 2016 workshop in Seattle. I gave a talk on Stingray, a python library of time series methods for astronomical (X-ray) data. My slides can be found here and the conference “Unproceedings” are here.