Against Cobbs Hill high-density housing proposal

UPDATE: The mayor asked the developer to submit a new design!
Cobbs Hill reservoir at sunset, by Trisha G.
Rochester friends! Please email the city in opposition to a large housing development in Cobbs Hill park. They’re accepting comments until this Friday, June 17th. I’m publicizing this on behalf of my mom, the head of the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association.

For more info, check out this report of the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association meeting with city representatives. There’s also this article with a bunch more background info.

Feel free to copy/paste the message below or write your own.

Email subject: I’m against the Cobbs Hill Village proposal
To: jason.haremza AT
Dear Mr. Haremza,

As a resident of the City of Rochester, I am opposed to the 645 Norris Drive Proposal. It is not appropriate for the site and will detract from the park in which it sits. I am not against building new senior housing, but I am opposed to doing so at 645 Norris Drive. Our park and forestland are treasures for all our citizens to enjoy, unmarred by large housing developments.

Thank you,
[your name]

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