My first paper is accepted!!!

I’m thrilled to say that my first paper has been accepted for publication in MNRAS!! 2.5 years into my PhD and I finally have something to show for it 😁 Here’s the ADS link, which has both the arXiv and MNRAS versions.

AAS HEAD meeting talk

Next week I’m attending the AAS HEAD (high energy astrophysics division) meeting in Naples, FL, USA! My talk is on Monday April 4th at 4pm in the Stellar Compact I plenary session. I anticipate tweeting for at least a little of the meeting, so tweet back if you’ll be there! The hashtag for the meeting …

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Python in Astronomy 2016

I’m currently in Seattle at the Python in Astronomy 2016 workshop and wanted to post some notes and reference links for those of you who want to follow along with what we’re up to: The program for the week #PyAstro16 hashtag on twitter Livestream and archived livestreams are recorded and posted by Dan Foreman-Mackey A …

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Astro PhD positions available in Amsterdam

From the PhD recruitment team: The Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy (API) at the University of Amsterdam invites applications for multiple PhD positions in astronomy and astrophysics. The positions are open to candidates from any country. The institute provides a stimulating, international environment in a city where English is a common language. Of our current …

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Layover time: Georgia Aquarium

I had an 8 hour layover in Atlanta on my trip from Rochester to Amsterdam in August, so I left the airport and went to the Georgia Aquarium! The aquarium has four juvenile whale sharks and two manta rays in the big tank! It’s pricey (~$40 for adult admission), but I like to think that …

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Two new blogs!

Two of my favourite people have new blogs! The first is my sister, Emily, who’s doing volunteer work in Asheville, North Carolina supported by the Presbyterian church, at Habitat for Humanity.   The second is my friend and “PhD-sister”, Catia, who has an eye for fashion and sews amazing clothes. Check ’em out!

Voting from Abroad for US Citizens

In case you’ve been living under an internet-less rock, the US’s two-party political system is alive and kicking, and the primaries are happening soon. The actual presidential election isn’t for another 14 months (!!) but the primaries will take place in the next few months, and in many states you must be registered with the …

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Nothing is certain except death and taxes[, and both suck when you’re an expat].

— Benjamin Franklin

Traveling in Greece this summer

I just spent 5 days in the Greek islands and it was super great!! The weather was beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous, and the food was delicious. Contrary to what you might think due to the economic and political protests, being a tourist in Greece is still safe and fun. In general, the issues and …

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New page: Coding resources

I’ve put together a long list of coding and computing resources. Since it’s so important, it doesn’t just get a blog post, it gets its own page! Check it out and let me know if your favourite is on there. EDIT: I’ll (slowly) add my list to the AstroBetter wiki so future generations of students …

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