Traveling in Greece this summer

I just spent 5 days in the Greek islands and it was super great!! The weather was beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous, and the food was delicious. Contrary to what you might think due to the economic and political protests, being a tourist in Greece is still safe and fun. In general, the issues and …

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New page: Coding resources

I’ve put together a long list of coding and computing resources. Since it’s so important, it doesn’t just get a blog post, it gets its own page! Check it out and let me know if your favourite is on there. EDIT: I’ll (slowly) add my list to the AstroBetter wiki so future generations of students …

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EWASS 2015

Hola! This week I’m tweeting up a storm at EWASS 2015 in Tenerife. The multi-wavelength timing of compact objects session is today, and the transitional millisecond pulsar session is on Thursday and Friday. Non-astro followers, you can un-mute/re-follow me on Saturday 😉

So this is happening tomorrow

I’m giving a talk tomorrow at the XMM-Newton 2015 meeting in Madrid!

PhD candidate status in the Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Education wants to change the status of PhD candidates in the Netherlands from civil employees to students. This may not sound like much to those outside this system, but it is HUGE to us. Our salaries are on par with a PhD candidate in the US, but it’s just that — …

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This week I’m participating in the Python in Astronomy workshop at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. It is the greatest workshop/conference/unconference I’ve been to, and it’s only day 3 out of 5. I’ve been developing my git and github skills, and submitted my first pull request (i.e., open-source code contribution) yesterday to SunPy! For this …

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Just how small are X-ray binaries?

X-ray binaries are so small that we can’t directly image (i.e., spatially resolve) them, due to a combination of being small in size AND very far away. When updating my Research page I was curious what a good analogy would be for imagining the projected size of an X-ray binary, and I’ve come up with …

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LaTeX workshop and guide

In honor of the impending start of the academic year, here is the pdf of my LaTeX workshop.

X-ray Universe poster

The X-ray Universe 2014 is my first major conference as a PhD student! Can you tell I’m excited? 🙂

Dublin on Sunday for The X-ray Universe 2014!

Below are my title and abstract for The X-ray Universe 2014 in Dublin. I’ll also be live-tweeting! Looking forward to a great week 🙂   A New Route to Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of Pulsations and QPOs in X-ray Binaries The accretion disks in neutron star and stellar-mass black hole X-ray binaries provide an opportunity to study …

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