Abigail Stevens travel
I live in Lansing, Michigan, which borders East Lansing (MSU) and is about 1 hour from Ann Arbor (UMich) and 1.5ish hours from Detroit. I’m generally at UMich on Mondays and at MSU Tuesdays-Fridays. Please contact me if you’d like to meet up during one of my trips below or if you’ll be coming through Michigan!

Upcoming trips and events:

March 2019

Giving a physics seminar at Wayne State University on March 1.

Giving three invited talks at the 17th AAS HEAD meeting, March 17-21 in Monterey, California. One is on spectral-timing methodology, one is on software tools for variability studies, and one is on timing properties of recent black hole transients.

Attending the Compact Objects in Michigan 7 conference at Wayne State University on March 29.

April 2019

Leading the activity “Make Your Own Pulsar!” at the MSU Science Festival on Saturday April 6.

May 2019

Attending the JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics meeting at MSU on May 22-24.

July 2019

Organizing the Python in Astronomy 2019 workshop in Baltimore, Maryland on July 29 – Aug 2.

October 2019

Attending and on the SOC for the Future of X-ray Timing conference, marking the retirement of Prof. dr. Michiel van der Klis, in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 21-25.


You can see slides from some of my previous talks here.