Abigail Stevens travel
I live in Lansing, Michigan, which borders East Lansing (MSU) and is about 50 minutes from Ann Arbor (UMich) and 1.5ish hours from Detroit. I’m generally at UMich on Mondays and at MSU Tuesdays-Fridays. Please contact me if you’d like to meet up during one of my trips below or if you’ll be coming through Michigan!

Upcoming trips and events:

September 2018

Giving a seminar for the astronomy group at the University of Tuebingen on September 17.

Giving an invited talk at Monitoring the Non-Thermal Universe 2018, September 18-21 in Cochem, Germany.

Visiting the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, September 24-28 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

October 2018

Giving two talks at Breaking the Limits 2018, October 1-5 in Sardinia, Italy; one on kilohertz QPOs and one on STROBE-X.

November 2018

Giving a talk on Stingray at ADASS 2018, November 11-15 in College Park, Maryland.

December 2018

Giving an astronomy seminar at the McGill Space Institute on December 11th at 3:30pm.

January 2019

Attending AAS 223, January 6-10 in Seattle, Washington. Giving a talk in the NICER special session and the NSF fellow session.

March 2019

Attending the AAS HEAD meeting, March 17-21 in Monterey, California.


You can see slides from some of my previous talks here.