Abigail Stevens travel
I live in Lansing, Michigan, which borders East Lansing (MSU) and is about 1 hour from Ann Arbor (UMich) and 1.5ish hours from Detroit. I’m generally at UMich on Mondays and at MSU Tuesdays-Fridays. Please contact me if you’d like to meet up during one of my trips below or if you’ll be coming through Michigan!

Upcoming trips and events:

December 2018

Giving an astronomy seminar at the McGill Space Institute on December 11th at 3:30pm.

January 2019

Giving two talks at AAS 223, January 6-10 in Seattle, Washington. One is an invited talk in the NICER special session on NICER results of accreting stellar-mass compact objects (Thurs Jan 10 at 3:10pm), and a talk on my kHz QPO results in the X-Ray Pulsars and Neutron Stars session (Tues Jan 8th at 2:10pm).

March 2019

Giving two invited talks at the AAS HEAD meeting, March 17-21 in Monterey, California. One is on spectral-timing methodology and one is on software tools for variability studies.


You can see slides from some of my previous talks here.